Electrical Panel Upgrades

Is my panel safe?
Today’s new electrical panels are well-designed, however homes built as recently as the 1980s may have panels the pose serious safety and fire hazards. Some of these more dangerous electrical panels are Zinsco and Federal Pacific Electric (FPE), and fuse boxes. In addition, according to the US Census Bureau more than half of the homes today were constructed before the 1970s. That means more than half were built decades before many modern electric conveniences existed. For example, you have more appliances in your kitchen today that use more electricity than an entire home used 40 years ago. If you suspect you have one of the above panel installed, or if your home is showing one or more of the signs below, call The Happy Outlet immediately.
  • Flickering Lights
  • Breakers that constantly trip or fuses that frequently blow
  • Crackling sounds coming from panel box
  • Corrosion or rust on the panel box and/or breakers
  • Appliances running at less than full power
  • Over-heated circuit breakers
  • Melted wires

Circuits and Wiring

Need more places to plug in? Installing a hot-tub? Does your home have 2-prong outlets?
Our friendly, uniformed professionals will evaluate your existing system, provide you with options, and quickly add that convenient outlet, have your hot-tub ready for the weekend, or rewire those old-style 2-prong outlets. In order to avoid overloading your existing circuits or wiring, and to prevent the risk of electrical fire or shock, consult with a serviceman from The Happy Outlet beforehand to determine if your system is ready for the added load.


If you need a new and creative idea for accenting a painting, upgrading or modernizing existing lighting, or installing energy-efficient light bulbs and controls, we can help.
The correct use of light can make or break a room. Our uniformed and professionally trained servicemen will give you options and advice. We can help you create the look and feel you’ve always imagined by recommending the correct lighting for your space. To learn more about lighting, book an appointment with an experienced The Happy Outlet serviceman today.

Ceiling Fans

Considering adding a new ceiling fan to your room? Ceiling fan in need of repair or replacement?

If so, we can help.
Not only are fans a beautiful addition to any of your home, but they are practical and help reduce the costs of air conditioning when weather turns warm.
With one quick call to The Happy Outlet, you can forget about getting up onto a ladder with a heavy, awkward ceiling fan, dealing with electrical wiring, and installing the proper support box. We take the necessary precautions to ensure that the ceiling fan not only looks good, but is installed properly—and that you and your family are comfortable and safe.

Holiday Lighting

Be the envy of the block this holiday season!
The holiday season is a busy time of year – shopping, cooking, parties, and family. Don’t get overwhelmed. Instead, call The Happy Outlet. We’ll have one of our neat, clean and uniformed servicemen hang your holiday lights.