With Carson City weather changing from winter winds to spring breezes, the idea of buying and installing a new hot tub seems like a great way to introduce some spa-like comfort to your home. But be aware that buying and installing a hot tub isn’t as simple as turning on the jets and stepping in the spa. In fact, without taking the right steps, you could be wasting money on an expensive hot tub that doesn’t even fit in your home.

While you can spend hours traversing the internet to find information for buying and installing a new hot tub, why not let the professionals do the work for you? The experts at The Happy Outlet have provided the ultimate guide to buying and installing a new hot tub in your home.

Why do you want a Hot Tub?

Before proceeding, the first question you must ask yourself is “Why do I want a hot tub?” Hot tubs are available in a variety of designs and can be used for several reasons. Hot tubs are ideal for relaxation, meditation, medical and therapeutic purposes, with designs catering to all of these issues. First determine why you want a hot tub, and you’ll be on the right track.

Research the Hot Tub You Want

After identifying the reason(s) for a hot tub, you’ll be able to research accordingly and find the right one for your home. Most warehouse stores and home improvement retailers sell hot tubs at a reasonable price. Additionally, you can find local retailers that focus specifically on selling hot tubs. If a hot tub catches your eye, thoroughly examine its reviews, lifespan, additions, and warranties available. Be sure to check around frequently for any deals, and to ensure you’ll be paying a fair price for your spa.

Accommodate your Hot Tub’s Size and Location

Another important question you will need to ask yourself is “Will this Hot Tub fit in my home?” Often, hot tubs are placed on patios, porches, and backyards, and you must ensure your space can accommodate the hot tub’s size. After accounting for size, you must also consider how the hot tub handles weather conditions year-round, as well as determining if the installation area is flat and solid. Power and water sources must also be in proximity of your hot tub, and there should be adequate space for drainage. Consider these factors when researching your new hot tub. We recommend finding your hot tub at a nearby store, so you can precisely determine a sufficient location in your home.

Budget Accordingly

Hot tubs are an expensive investment, with prices ranging from $1,000-10,000. Hot tubs also require additional fees for delivery, installation, maintenance, and extras such as covers and water care products. Even after you’ve purchased your hot tub, we recommend saving an extra $500-1,000 to cover any additional fees you may be presented after installing it.

Installing your new Hot Tub

Installation is made easy with the experts at The Happy Outlet! After you have purchased the perfect hot tub for your home, give your Carson City electrical experts a call to install and configure your new hot tub and kickstart the spa for the spring season!

Ready to install a new hot tub in your home? The Happy Outlet is ready for you! Our electrical installation services guarantee you’ll have a backyard spa in no time. Give us a call at 775-841-9473 to schedule an appointment and prepare your backyard for spring!