Ceiling fans are a blessing to have, especially if you know how to purchase and use one correctly. They can play an important role in energy efficiency and optimal comfort, as well as helping to increase the value of your home. However, to help achieve this, you want to be well-versed in the realm of ceiling fans.

The Happy Outlet recommends every Carson City homeowner learn some basic information on ceiling fans. To help out, we have created a convenient list on what to do when buying a ceiling fan, as well as when using one.

When Buying a Ceiling Fan

Determine Budget – Most ceiling fans are reasonably priced. But if you’re not careful, you may end up either underspending or overspending on one. We recommend having a budget of around $200-400 dollars, as you’ll usually find high-quality ceiling fans within this range.

Consider the Room Size – To get the most out of your ceiling fan, you want to make it a good fit for the room it’s going to be in. You can tell how large an area a ceiling fan covers by looking at its blade span (distance from one blade to the other that is directly across the fixture). Generally, blade spans of 45 inches are good for most bedrooms, while 60 inches are good for most living rooms.

Consider Number of Blades – The number of blades a ceiling fan has is important. The less blades, the more air it can blow, but this is at the cost of a noisier fan. More blades mean a quieter fan, but less air.

Check for an Energy Star Certification – If you’re buying a ceiling fan, you want to be sure it’s a certified Energy Star brand. This certification guarantees that the ceiling fan has reached a suitable level of energy efficiency.

After purchasing your new ceiling fan, you want to be sure you’re getting the most out of it. We have provided a few tips below.

When Using a Ceiling Fan

Reduce Cooling Usage – Ceiling fans use only about a fraction of your AC’s energy usage, since they cool through air distribution instead of conditioning air. Therefore, you can save on energy immensely by reducing your AC settings a few degrees and running the ceiling fan on high.

Reverse Fan Rotation During the Winter – Not only are ceiling fans a great addition to your cooling – they’re helpful with your heating too! Most ceiling fans come with the ability to reverse its rotation. There is usually a switch located on the side of the fixture that allows you to do this. Reversing the ceiling fan’s rotation helps to push the air down – allowing you to maximize the heated air.

Insulate Indoor Air – As stated, your ceiling fan relies on distributing air to provide cooling or heating. To help boost its performance, you’ll want to help reduce conditioned air escaping via doors and windows. Consider using weather stripping, door bottoms, and insulated curtains to help make your ceiling fan more effective.

Work your way toward becoming a ceiling fan expert by following this guide! And if you’re ready to install a new ceiling fan in your Carson City home, contact The Happy Outlet for our ceiling fan services! Give us a call at 833-2B-HAPPY to schedule an appointment and get started.

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