childproof your home from electrical hazards

It’s no secret that babies and toddlers get into everything in sight. And while it might be cute with pots and pans in the kitchen, it can be dangerous when comes to electrical devices.

At The Happy Outlet, we believe in putting our customers’ safety and families first. Here are five steps to childproof your home from electrical hazards from our team of expert electricians.

1. Cover Outlets with Caps

Outlets are one of the most common dangers for babies with curious fingers. Fortunately, they are pretty easy to childproof. Insert these clear plastic caps over your outlet receptacles, or screw on these safety plates for complete coverage.

2. Secure Electrical Cords

Never leave electrical cords exposed to little hands. The temptation to yank them out of the wall is too strong! Try these LectraLock covers that keep cords in place and protect them from yanking.

3. Cover Power Strips

In spaces where you have lots of tech plugged in to a power strip, like an office or a TV area, securing only your outlets won’t cut it. Try these power strip covers. They have openings for your cords so that you can still use the power strip normally while you keep your baby safe.

4. Identify Other Dangers

Once you have covered up all of the obvious electrical dangers, keep looking for other potential hazards. Look around your home from your child’s point of view. Is there a kitchen appliance within reach that looks like fun? What about heat tools in the bathroom? Make sure you stow away all of your technology in cabinets and drawers.

Sometimes it is helpful to crouch or crawl through the house at your baby’s eye level to spot potential dangers you might have otherwise missed.

5. Start Teaching Early

The most important way you can help your children stay safe from electrical hazards is to start teaching them early. Babies and toddlers are discovering the world through sight and touch. They won’t yet understand how electricity works or why an outlet or a cord could hurt them.

Be firm and assertive about telling your kids “no” if they try to touch outlets or electronics. As soon as your child can crawl, remind them often not to touch things that might harm them.

Need some extra help to childproof your home from electrical hazards?

If you are still wondering whether you’ve covered all of your bases, consult with a professional electrician. Our team at The Happy Outlet can help make recommendations on products and tips to keep your baby safe from electrocution and electrical fires.

If you notice any issues with your outlets, wiring, or circuits, remember to call a professional. Keeping your kids safe from electrical hazards starts with maintaining your whole electrical system.

If you need any electrical repairs, replacements, or upgrades in your Carson City home, contact The Happy Outlet! Give us a call at 833-2B-HAPPY to schedule an appointment and get started.