life without electricity

Electricity has become so integrated into our daily lives, we have a tendency to take it for granted. Unless the power goes out during a storm and we have to reach for the candles and flashlights, we tend to forget just how much convenience electricity adds to our homes.

At The Happy Outlet, we see the significance of electricity every day as we restore power to homes during electrical repairs and services. We invite you to imagine life without electricity for one regular day.

Your Morning Routine

One of the first things you would probably notice if you were plunged suddenly into an electricity-free world is that your cell phone would not be waking you up in the morning. You wouldn’t have a digital alarm clock either. Your wake up call would be rays of the rising sun, a crowing rooster, or a good shake from a “helpful” family member.

You won’t be able to pick our your clothes in a pitch black closet, so bring your outfit selection over to a window to make sure the colors match. Brush your teeth and comb your hair by the light of a candle or an oil lamp. If you wake up early enough, you might have enough time to brew your morning coffee. You’ll have to boil some water using the wood burning stove, grind up some beans by hand, and pour the water over them.

Your Commute to Work

This is where things really get interesting. You definitely don’t have a car sitting in the garage in a world without electricity. If your office is more than a couple of miles away, walking on foot is going to make you pretty late. You can either bike, or ride a horse into town. Your commute time will probably double.

Your Office Job

When you arrive at work, you may notice things look drastically different in an office without electricity. There are no computers, printers, copy machines, phones, or any other electrical devices. There probably are some pretty massive file cabinets storing all of the company data on paper. You’ll have to do your work on paper with a pen or maybe a typewriter.

Cooking Dinner

When you return home from work, you’ll have to cook dinner in your wood burning oven. You don’t have a refrigerator, so any perishable ingredients were either dried and salted in a cellar or chilling for just a few days in an ice chest. All chopping, mixing, and peeling involved in your dinner prep will have to be done by hand without the help of kitchen appliances.

Relaxing Before Bed

After you cook dinner, you still have a little bit of time leftover for leisure before you hit the hay. You can’t text or call any friends to hang out, but you could write somebody a letter and invite them over a few days ahead of time. You won’t be able to binge watch any Netflix episodes, but you can read a book. There aren’t any video games, but you could play solitaire. Life without electricity could get pretty boring after a while.

Can you imagine life without electricity?

Once you begin to list all of the times we use electricity in just a single day, it becomes clear how much we rely on it. Thankfully, you won’t have to experience life without electricity as long as The Happy Outlet is around! If you have frequently tripping circuit breakers, dimming or blinking lights, faulty outlets, or any other standard electrical problems, we are here to help. Let us restore electricity and convenience to your life.

If you need any electrical repairs, replacements, or upgrades in your Carson City home, contact The Happy Outlet! Give us a call at 833-2B-HAPPY to schedule an appointment and get started. Donate seven cans of food for FISH Holiday Baskets and receive 5% OFF your total invoice for any service.