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5 Fun and Spooky Electrical Halloween Decorations

Electrical Halloween Decorations

Halloween night is right around the corner, and homes all over Carson City are preparing for tricks, treats, and frightening fun. If you’re searching for Halloween decoration ideas to delight your neighborhood this year, we’ve got you covered.

Why settle for old-school jack-o-lanterns when you can harness the power of electricity to spook your whole street? Here are five fun and spooky electrical Halloween decorations from your friends at The Happy Outlet. Whether you like happy and tame Halloween vibes, a yard of terror, or something in between, these decoration ideas will help you have the most festive house on the block.

Halloween Lights

If you’re going for a cheerful Halloween look that is friendly for all ages, Halloween string lights can be a great way to dress up your porch, patio, balcony, or windows. You can find a wide variety of string light options, from classic orange, to spooky purple, to fun shapes like ghosts or pumpkins. If you want to save some money and you like to DIY, you can also repurpose Christmas lights for temporary Halloween use by attaching simple household items like tissue paper and string. See this tutorial for creating your own ghost string lights.


Inflatables can be used in a playful yard or a spooky yard. You can find cute inflatables with casper the friendly ghost peeking out of a happy pumpkin. You can delight movie lovers with a larger than life Jack Skellington towering in your yard. Or you can dress up a spooky graveyard with a menacing gargoyle on each side of your front door. The inflatable possibilities are endless.

Flood Lights

You may have seen yards at Christmas time with classic warm flood lights illuminating wooden cut outs of Santa Claus. But have you ever considered using blue or green flood lights to cast an eerie glow across a graveyard full of tombstones? If you have creative decorations that lose their visibility at nightfall, flood lights offer the perfect solution.

Fog Machines

Nothing seals the deal in spooky better than some ghastly fog. Adding a fog machine to your Halloween display takes it to the next level and shows the neighborhood that you are seriously spooky! You might assume that adding a fog machine would be outrageously expensive, but you can find smaller ones for less than $40.


If your goal is to make your yard as frightening as possible, you might want to consider investing in some animatronics. Maybe all you need is this terrifying moving doll wandering your porch, or maybe you want to go big (and go home) with this enormous smoking dragon in your yard. Animatronics can bump your yard display up from a creepy candy stop to an actual haunted house.

Are you using any of these haunting electrical Halloween decorations in your display?

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