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Storm Safety: Electrical System Preparations

As Northern Nevada enters the spring, chances of severe storms are higher than ever! We suggest you keep an umbrella on hand when leaving your home. However, your electrical system will need stronger storm protection. Severe storms are a known electrical hazard, often causing power outages and even electrical fires.

The Happy Outlet recommends that every Carson City homeowner follows storm safety for their electrical system. We have assembled a guide below detailing these preparations.

Monitor Your Circuit Breakers

  • Check the labeling on the electrical panel to determine which rooms go to which switch. If there is no labeling, contact The Happy Outlet to have a technician study your electrical system.
  • Keep track of the associated appliances connected to the circuit breaker.
  • Monitor your circuit breakers for any tripping during a storm. When lightning strikes a power line, your circuit breaker may shut off power to its circuit, known as tripping. Tripped circuit breakers place themselves in either the middle or off position.
  • Unplug any appliances from a circuit that has tripped. Doing so will avoid the possible power surge when the power comes back on.

Maintain Smoke and CO Detectors

Your smoke and CO detectors alert you to hazardous smoke and levels and help to give ability to escape in the case of a fire. According to the NFPA, lightning accounts for about 22,600 fires a year. That means you should have constant detection of dangerous smoke and CO levels at all times during the spring season.

  • Know every location of smoke and CO detectors, as well as their battery levels. Smoke and CO detectors generally require a battery change every 1-2 years, but this can vary on battery type.
  • Test your smoke and CO detectors once a month to ensure proper functionality. To test smoke detectors, hold down the button for a few seconds and if the alarm is loud and clear, your detector is working fine. CO detectors are tested the same but emit beeps instead.
  • If lightning has affected your smoke or CO detectors, often the alarm will sound for a few seconds before returning to normal. After the storm has ended, test the affected detectors to see their condition.

Whole Home Surge Protection

Lightning strikes are a known cause for power surges, which are massive spikes in your electrical current. Power surges can damage appliances possibly beyond repair but can be prevented with surge protectors.

Whole home surge protection is the most adequate form of surge protection, avoiding damaging your plugged-in appliances.

Contact The Happy Outlet for whole home surge protection services.

Have a Backup Generator

With storms being a leading cause for power outages, you’ll need sufficient backup power during potential blackouts.

Backup generators provide the necessary power that is needed during an unexpected outage, allowing you ample time to resume any necessary tasks or prepare. Backup generators come in a wide variety of sizes and wattages. You’ll need to determine what option is best for your home.

More information about backup generators can be found here.

Storm safety for electrical systems is a rule all Carson City homeowners should follow as we enter storm season. If you are ready to install whole home surge protection, contact The Happy Outlet today! Our electrical safety services encompass every aspect of whole home surge protection. Give us a call at 775-841-9473 to schedule an appointment and get started.

Electrical Safety Resolutions for the New Year

Happy New Year from The Happy Outlet! Going into the new year often means focusing on new resolutions. Whether it’s eating healthier or going out more, resolutions are a great way to kickstart the path towards completing your personal goals. Resolutions shouldn’t just be for yourself, however, as your home’s electrical safety could always use some improvement. The staff at The Happy Outlet have dedicated ourselves to keeping Nevada homeowners safe. To ensure our Carson City neighbors get a head start on electrical safety for the New Year, we have put together some resolutions every homeowner should make.

Maintain Proper Outlet Usage

  • Examine your electronics before plugging them in to identify any damages or frayed wiring.
  • Do not use multiple appliances on one outlet, especially major appliances, as this can cause an electrical overload.
  • Unplug any small appliance or electronic when not in use.
  • Place plastic covers or safety plugs over outlets when not in use.
  • Consider upgrading any three-prong outlets to GFCI, as this further protects from shock.

Test GFCIs Once a Month

  • GFCI outlets should be tested once a month to ensure functionality and safety for your home.
  • To test a GFCI outlet, first press the reset button, and plug in a small electronic, such as a nightlight. While the electronic is plugged into the GFCI outlet, press the test button, and if the electronic turns off then the GFCI outlet is working properly.
  • If your electronic does not turn off when pressing the test button, then the GFCI is not working properly and should be diagnosed by a professional.

Have a Safety Plan for Your Family

  • Know every escape route in your home in case of a fire or other severe emergency.
  • Have a backup generator ready for potential power outages.
  • Maintain your smoke and fire alarms to identify danger quickly.
  • Keep trusted electrical professionals on stand-by with The Happy Outlet’s Family Safety Plan, further guaranteeing electrical safety for your family and home.

Practice Extension Cord Safety

  • Always check your extension cord for damages or cracks before plugging it in.
  • Tape extension cords to the ground and place them around corners to avoid tripping.
  • Keep extension cords as straight as possible, and undo any bends or knots.
  • If an extension cord begins to feel hot, unplug it immediately, as this means it cannot handle the electrical load.

Plan an Annual Electrical Inspection

  • Annual electrical inspections keep your electrical system at peak performance while maintaining compliance to all safety regulations.
  • Part of electrical safety is dependent on the electrical system itself, meaning it is important to identify and resolve any issues with your electrical system before they get too severe.
  • The Happy Outlet provides supreme electrical services to fully secure your electrical system, and is the trusted choice for your annual electrical inspection.

Make this new year an even safer one with our electrical safety resolutions. Finding trusted electricians to improve your electrical safety is made easy with The Happy Outlet. For over 17 years, we have served our Nevada communities, and are always on call to provide professional electrical services for our local homeowners. Give us a call at 775-841-9473 to schedule an appointment and meet your handy electricians. Happy New Year from The Happy Outlet!