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Spark Joy with 5 Organization Tips

 organization tips

Home organization can seem totally overwhelming at first. But the trick is not necessarily to get rid of all your stuff, it is to find ways to sort your items and use space more wisely.

If you’ve been binge watching Netflix’s newest home organization show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, you know exactly what we’re talking about. When you tackle your living space one room or one category at a time, you can work slowly to create a place for everything you need.

Our team at The Happy Outlet has five organization tips that we hope will help you spark joy and get organized in 2019.

1. Start with one focus area.

If your whole home needs some major reorganization, you will feel overwhelmed and burnt out if you try to tackle everything at once. Start with one cabinet or closet and slowly work your way throughout one room.

You can also try Marie Kondo’s KonMari method and focus on one category of items at a time. Start with all of your clothes or all of your paperwork instead of trying to organize your entire bedroom or office in one go.

2. Strategize your time.

If you have several days in a row to dedicate hours just to organization, that’s awesome. But if your life is too hectic to block out a large amount of time, that’s ok too. You can take small steps toward organization each evening when you come from work or during pockets of time while kids are at school or extracurricular activities.

Know that whether you can devote an entire weekend to organization or you are stuck with a spare hour at the end of a long day, it is going to take time. Organizing your whole home from top to bottom is a process that will take several weeks. But the results are so worth it!

3. Curate your most useful or meaningful items.

If you have large collections of items that matter to you, it is perfectly ok to keep them. But before you can start finding the best organization method for your home, it helps to get rid of unwanted junk. If you have ill fitting clothes, old receipts, outdated technology, or random knick-knacks you no longer want, donate them or throw them out.

Pushing yourself to address junk that serves no purpose and has no meaning to you will help you make space for items that do matter.

4. Divide up your spaces.

Once you have removed all of your items from their storage spots and determined which ones you want to keep, maximize your remaining space by layering different organizational containers. Use boxes, baskets, plastic storage bins, and standing shelves inside your cabinets, closets, and drawers. If you use the space you have wisely, you will be able to find your items quickly and easily.

5. Focus on visibility.

With the last tip in mind, remember that visibility is key. If you store something away and you can’t see it easily, you might forget where it is or that you own it at all. Store smarter and make sure you can see all of the items available in any given cabinet, container, or drawer.

We hope these organization tips spark joy for you!

Don’t let home organization feel like a daunting monster. You can take charge of your space again if you remember to tackle your stuff section by section and use these tips to help.

We hope these organization tips help our customers have a happier 2019. If you need any electrical upgrades for your newly organized home, give us a call at The Happy Outlet!

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