how to teach your kids about electrical safety

Electricity is an amazing tool that has revolutionized modern technology, but it can definitely be hazardous when used incorrectly. As adults, it comes naturally to us to avoid electrical dangers. But curious kids can easily mistake danger for fun.

At The Happy Outlet, we always prioritize the safety of our customers. Here is our guide on how to teach your kids about electrical safety. We hope these tips and techniques protect your kids and encourage them to use electricity safely.

Watch Electrical Safety Videos Together

Kids love to watch YouTube videos, so make this safety lesson fun for them! There are tons of great resources online that teach kids how to avoid electrical hazards and better understand electricity. Here are a few of our favorites to check out:

Electrical Safety Tips for Kids by StraightTalkAlert

Kids Safety by OG&E

Kids Block Electricity Episode

Electrical Safety World by Snohomish Public Utility District

Take some time to watch the videos together to make sure your kids pay attention. Talk about them together afterward and explain some of the bad things that can happen when electricity is misused.

Use Online Games and Guides

Website and computer games can also be excellent tools for encouraging kids to learn more about electricity. Here are some of our favorite fun websites for kids:

Switched On Kids

Science Zone

Read Books About Electricity Together

One of the best ways to make sure kids follow the rules when it comes to electrical safety is to help them better understand how it actually works. Reading books about electricity together allows you to spend quality time with your kids and lay the foundation of learning that will help keep them safe. Here are some books about electricity written just for kids:

Oscar and the Bird

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Electricity

The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip

Create Some Safety Rules

Now that your kids have a foundation of knowledge about how electricity works, set some hard and fast safety rules and talk about them together. Write them down or print them out and hang them somewhere visible, like the fridge. If your kids forget one of the rules, remind them about the list and why it is so important to take electrical safety seriously.

Here are a few suggested electrical safety rules for your home:

  1. Don’t put fingers or objects into outlets.
  2. Don’t use electronics near water or when your hands are wet.
  3. Don’t plug too many things into the same power strip or extension cord.
  4. Don’t yank cords when you unplug them.
  5. Don’t touch outdoor transformer boxes.
  6. Don’t fly kites or drones near power lines.
  7. Don’t climb trees near power lines.
  8. Ask an adult for help when using new electronics.

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