Energy Saving Tips for the Summer

Sweltering heat and cranking up the AC seem to go hand in hand, but they don’t have to. Here’s a tip Carson City residents must remember: there is a way to beat the heat and save energy… and lower the electricity bill! The Happy Outlet would like to help you score BIG with these energy-saving tips for the summer!

Air Conditioner Efficiency

One of our blog posts talks about the efficiency of programmable thermostats. These will automatically adjust the temperature of your home while you’re away! Make sure your air filter stays clean in order to ensure the air conditioner’s maximum efficiency.

Proper Attic Insulation

Don’t forget the attic when it comes to saving energy for the summer. To keep heat from escaping through the ceiling to living spaces, check the insulation levels in your attic. This website provides all the information needed to check your insulation levels according to the area.

 Windows – Blocking the Heat

Closing curtains and blinds will help keep temperatures cool inside, while shrubbery outside of windows can help keep heat out. Using a window covering is a resourceful way to block the heat from entering your house by up to 50%!

Lighting – Energy-Saving Tips for the Summer

Switching to LED lights with the installation services we provide helps save energy tremendously. Other methods of saving energy with lights can be found in the following materials:

  • Outdoor solar lights
  • Security solar light systems
  • Solar lights for the pool

Save Energy with Appliances

Running the dishwasher at night will keep the heat out, especially if you air-dry the dishes to prevent added heat. Ditch the dryer by drying clothes on a rack or clothesline to save energy and minimize heat in the house.

Save energy and make your home up to 10 degrees cooler with a ceiling fan. We have installation services available to upgrade or repair your ceiling fan so you can save energy!

To reduce the temperature in your house, opt away from using ovens. Grill out and invite your friends over to keep the heat out of the kitchen!  You know what they say: “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

Pool Energy Savers

Similar to air filters, pool filters need to be cleaned out as well. Make sure the right size pump is being used in accordance with the size of your pool. An energy-efficient water pump aids the water circulation to save more energy for the summer.

Follow our energy-saving tips this summer to use less energy and keep those costs down! Don’t hesitate to check out The Happy Outlet for ceiling fan and light bulb installation services – or call us at: 775-841-9473. We are happy to provide expert service to the Northern Nevada residents.

Baby-Proofing Outlets: A Comprehensive Guide

A child’s curiosity, while playful and innocent, can also lead to dangerous situations. This is especially true if their object of interest is an electrical outlet. A child toying with an electrical outlet can get electrocuted, which can lead to serious harm or even death. Therefore, it’s important to take ample safety measures with your outlets to help protect your children from electrical shock.

The professionals at The Happy Outlet want to ensure their Carson City neighbors have all the facts on baby-proofing their outlets. We have provided a comprehensive guide below.

Block all Unused or Rarely-Used Outlets

For outlets in your home you rarely or never use, we recommend blocking them with furniture or other objects immovable by children. Although it’s not a viable solution by itself, hiding or blocking unused outlets does help prevent your children from getting close to them.

Items such as a couch, nightstand, dresser, or other heavy furniture work well when blocking an outlet. Not only will children have a harder time getting close to these outlets – they may not even realize there is an outlet hidden away. However, as we stated, this step isn’t viable by itself, and should be paired with other baby-proofing practices.

Equip Outlets with Plastic Plugs

Plastic plugs are a cheap and formidable solution to help baby-proof your outlets. Usually available at only a few cents apiece, plastic plugs are inserted into the prongs of your outlet. Plastic is non-conductive, which means children cannot interfere with the outlet’s current because of the barrier created by the plastic plug.

However, plastic plugs can be a nuisance if you use an outlet often. You’ll have to take out and replace the plastic plug each time you want to use the outlet. For outlets you use frequently, we recommend performing other steps.

Cover the Entire Outlet

Instead of just covering the prongs, you can purchase a plastic cover to shield the entire outlet. There are several different types of outlet covers. Basic outlet covers are usually just rectangular pieces of solid plastic, which you must remove if you want to use the outlet.

A more complex and user-friendly type is the sliding plastic cover. Sliding plastic covers allow you to slide the plug-holes of an outlet away from the current, hence their name. This allows you to quickly switch from an outlet being usable to unusable. Although sliding plastic covers can be used to prevent children from receiving electrical shock, they also can prevent plugs from fully engaging to a current. Therefore, avoid plugging high-power appliances into outlets with sliding plastic covers.

Upgrade to Tamper-Resistant Outlets

One of the safest ways to baby-proof your outlets is by upgrading them to tamper resistant. Tamper-resistant outlets come equipped with plastic shutters behind the plug-holes that prevent any item other than a plug from being inserted. This is done via a spring-compressing mechanism that only activates when both shutters are pressed down. This prevents children from inserting objects into the outlet such as a fork, key, or their finger. Contact The Happy Outlet to install tamper-resistant outlets in your home.

Improve electrical safety for your children by baby-proofing your outlets. And if you would like to help improve overall electrical safety for your Carson City home, contact The Happy Outlet for our electrical safety services. Give us a call at 775-841-9473 to schedule an appointment and get started.

Additional Links:

12 Safety Devices to Protect Your Children – CPSC

Making Your Home Safe for Baby – Office on Women’s Health

Troubleshooting a Tripped Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker tripping can be the result of many causes. While some of these causes can be relatively simple, others can be more involved and ultimately detrimental to your system. Therefore, it’s important to perform some troubleshooting steps when a circuit breaker has tripped. While you may not always be able to find the exact cause of the problem, you can still find some helpful signs that will help you make informed decisions.

The experts at The Happy Outlet have provided some troubleshooting steps to take in the case of a tripped circuit breaker. Follow our guide below before contacting an electrical professional!

Identify Which Circuit Belongs to the Tripped Circuit Breaker

Each circuit breaker holds the ability to distribute power to a certain circuit. And when one trips, all outlets and light switches on its associated circuit will lose power. Before performing any troubleshooting tips, it is important to know which circuit the circuit breaker belongs to.

Since the circuit breaker has already tripped, you don’t want to reset the breaker to figure out its associated circuit. Instead you’ll want to check which appliances in your home have turned off. Although circuits can vary in size, their outlets and switches tend to stay close together. You may not be able to identify all connections to the circuit using this method. But it will at least give you a general idea.

Unplug All Associated Appliances on the Circuit

Once you have identified appliances that are on the circuit, go ahead and disconnect them. Circuit breakers can trip from faulty or misuse of appliances. This can be from faulty wiring, electrical overload, or damaged circuitry in the appliance.

Check the Condition of Each Appliance

Examine every appliance for any noticeable damages, burn marks, or burning smells. These signs can indicate a faulty appliance, which can lead to a short circuit, eventually causing a tripped circuit breaker.

Additionally, use this time to check if your circuit can handle the load of each of these appliances. A common cause of tripped circuit breakers is an electrical overload, which is when a circuit is over capacity. This can happen from overuse of extension cords, using too many appliances at the same time, and failing to give certain appliances a dedicated circuit.

After you have unplugged every appliance you know is on the circuit, go ahead and try to reset the circuit breaker. If the breaker trips again, continue to the next step.

Check the Outlets Located on the Circuit

If the cause doesn’t seem to come from the appliances that used the circuit, then you should check the outlets themselves. Faulty outlets can cause a circuit breaker to trip, and can be the result of frayed wiring, loose connections, or damaged parts. If any of your outlets are experiencing these signs, contact The Happy Outlet for further consultation:

  • Visible burn marks on outlet
  • Burning smell coming from outlet
  • Outlet emitting a buzzing sound or vibration
  • Outlet feels warm to the touch

Be sure to follow these troubleshooting tips in the case of a tripped circuit breaker. And contact The Happy Outlet to have a professional diagnose the issue after you troubleshoot. Give us a call at 775-841-9473 for affordable troubleshooting and repair services from Carson City’s leading experts.



4 Common Electrical Fire Causes

We all know the danger that is an electrical fire. But what exactly can cause it? After all, electrical fires can be uncomfortably common, considering they account for about 51,000 fires each year. So, it does raise the question of what can cause this terror to appear in our homes. Fortunately, that’s what the electrical experts at The Happy Outlet are here to help answer.

It is important to know of the common electrical fire causes. Doing so can help you prevent one from occurring in your home. Below are 4 common electrical fire causes.

1. Misusing Extension Cords

Misusing extension cords isn’t a mistake you would want to make. Extension cords are used to extend an outlet’s reach, sometimes with multiple outlets. Although their purpose can be useful, misusing extension cords can sometimes lead to an electrical fire.

There are several ways an extension cord can be misused. One of the most common is connecting multiple of them together. This reduces the wattage capabilities of each cord, possibly leading to melted casing, sparks, and an electrical fire. Overheated or damaged extension cords can also lead to a fire. This can happen if you use extension cords outside that are not weatherproofed.

2. Faulty Outlets/Light Switches

Your outlets and light switches are the most common ways to directly interact with your electrical system. Unfortunately, when they begin to lose function, the chance of an electrical fire increases.

Faulty outlets and light switches can be the result of damaged wiring, loose box connections, cracked casing, or deterioration from age. Once this happens, an outlet or light switch can showcase some signs that indicate an electrical fire may happen. If you notice these signs in any of your outlets or light switches, contact The Happy Outlet immediately:

  • Outlet/Light Switch Feels Warm or Vibrates to the Touch
  • Burning Smell Coming from Outlet/Light Switch
  • Outlet/Light Switch Emits Sparks or Shock
  • Frequently Tripped Circuit Breakers

3. Mishandled Space/Portable Heaters

Space and portable heaters are a great way to cut down on heating usage, but they must be handled carefully. These items are known to cause electrical fires when placed next to flammable material. If enough time has passed, space and portable heaters can cause nearby clothes, blankets, and curtains to catch fire. This is due to the heat of the coil in most heaters becoming incredibly hot after enough time.

4. Bad Wiring

The wiring in your electrical system gets things done. Electricity is transferred via wiring, and problems with your wiring can be dangerous. Issues such as loose connections, exposed or frayed wiring, and improper placements can all lead to an electrical fire. This might be due to possibly leaving hot wire exposed, which if touching a conductive material, can excite the current to dangerous levels.

The worst part about bad wiring is you may not know it is present in your home. That’s why it is important you have your electrical system inspected at least once a year. Be sure to contact The Happy Outlet if your electrical system hasn’t been inspected in a while.

When maintaining your electrical safety, keep in mind these common electrical fire causes to help avoid them. And be sure to contact The Happy Outlet if your home requires a quality and affordable electrical services. Give us a call at 775-841-9473 to get started!

3 Types of Light Bulbs (and Their Energy Efficiency)

Not all light bulbs are made the same. And when choosing the right lighting for your Carson City home, you’ll want to have an idea of the three major types: incandescent, fluorescent, and LED. While there are countless variations of these three types, it is important you first know their general differences.

The Happy Outlet would like to discuss the 3 major types of light bulbs available for your home, as well as their energy efficiency.


Being the oldest of the three, the incandescent light bulb has been around since the late 1800s. These light bulbs consist of a glass case, with a filament inside. This filament channels the electrical current, using the energy to heat up and provide light. This bulb is notable for being extremely hot to the touch when left on for a long period of time.

The incandescent bulb has the shortest lifespan of the three bulbs. Their lifespan is a measly 1,000 hours of light, which is a fraction compared to the other bulbs. However, they are the least expensive, and come in a variety of sizes and colors. They have the benefit of turning on instantly, and they provide a warm, comforting light with good color and contrast.

Energy Efficiency: Incandescent light bulbs are the least energy efficient of the three major bulbs. Since they utilize heat to provide light, they burn through energy more fiercely than their other counterparts. In general, if you would like to remain energy efficient, consider using the other two light bulb types.


CFL (Compact fluorescent lamps) have been available since the early-to-mid 1900s. They work by ionizing mercury vapor, which emits electrons in a gas. This then creates an ultraviolet light, further causing the bulb to glow.

CFLs have a much longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs. They last 6-15 times as long (6,000-15,000 hours) due to their more efficient electricity usage.  However, their initial cost is more expensive. Therefore, you’ll want to use CFLs for when you plan on lighting areas for long periods of time.

Energy Efficiency: Thanks to their innovative way to provide light, CFLs are more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. They use about 75% less energy, while having a much longer lifespan.


LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs are the most recently invented type of bulb, made in the 1970s. They emit light by releasing energy in the form of photons, filling little holes in the LED. These holes work in conjunction to give the bulb light.

LEDs are the longest lasting of the three bulbs. Their lifespan is measured differently from incandescent and CFL bulbs, as LEDs don’t burn out. Instead, they slowly dim over time. Overall, you can expect an LED to last about 50,000 hours before the light output is severely decreased. However, even when LEDs are at full power, they are not as bright as the other bulbs. Their initial cost is also the most expensive.

Energy Efficiency: Aside from being the longest lasting, LEDs are also the most energy efficient light bulbs! They use 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs and are Energy Star certified for purchase.

When finding the right lighting for your home, be sure you know the three main types. And when you are ready to install new lighting in your home, contact The Happy Outlet for our affordable electrical services. Contact us at 775-841-9473 to speak with Carson City’s electrical experts.

5 Signs you Need New Wiring

Most homeowners understand the importance of an efficient electrical system. Wiring is how electricity is disbursed throughout your home – and knowing when to install new wiring is key to keeping the lights on! But how do you tell when you need new wiring? Fortunately, there are certain signs to look out for.

Your friendly experts at The Happy Outlet are here to help our Carson City neighbors maintain their electrical system. Below are 5 signs you need new wiring!

1. Frequently Tripped Circuit Breakers

Our first tip comes from Trent Urban, with the WireNut in Colorado Springs. Your circuit breaker trips when electrical flow is disturbed, and one of the more common reasons is faulty wiring. When wires have become old, frayed, or loose, they cause an uneven path for electricity. This can cause a short circuit or ground fault, both of which will trip your circuit breaker. If your circuit breaker is constantly tripping, the issue may be your wiring.

2. Not Enough Outlets in Your Home

Do you find yourself using extension cords, surge protectors, and power strips often? Overusing these items could be the result of not having enough outlets in your home. Electrical systems that haven’t seen new wiring in several years may not have enough outlets for daily routines.

If this is the case, you’ll want to schedule new wiring and outlet installations as soon as possible. Do not rely on extension cords or other items as a permanent solution. This is a known safety risk and should be avoided as much as possible.

3. Outlets Are Damaged/Outdated

Speaking of outlets, are yours in good shape? Faulty outlets can be the result of faulty wiring. Without a proper route for electrical currents, your outlets can receive the bad end of the stick. Keep an eye out for these damages:

Outlets have burn marks/burning smell

Outlets have noticeable cracks or loose connections

Outlets feel warm to the touch

Outlets emit shock when touched

Consider the type of outlet you have as well. Two-prong outlets are considered outdated and dangerous. While they were the norm in older homes, newly built properties require three-prong outlets to be installed, with the third prong acting as a ground. Ground wires give uneven electricity a passage away from you and your appliances. You’ll need to rewire your electrical system to have a ground for installing three-prong outlets.

4. Lights are Constantly Flickering

The occasional flickering light isn’t necessarily a sign of damaged wiring. But when it is frequent, your wiring may be the cause. Faulty or loose wiring can disrupt the circuit to light fixtures, thus creating a fluctuating voltage.

If you are experiencing this, turn off your power immediately. Flickering lights caused by loose or damaged wires are a fire hazard and should be treated by a professional as soon as possible.

5. Your Wiring is Over 25 Years Old

Believe it or not, wiring does have an expiration date! The average lifespan of wiring is about 25 years. After which, it will begin to deteriorate and lose resistance. It is crucial you keep track of your wiring’s age to ensure you know when you need to have it checked. The age of your home is a good barometer as far as the age of your wiring – or have an electrician assess it for a closer idea of the age/condition.

When maintaining your electrical system, use these signs to help guide you on moving forward. If you are ready for new wiring or would like to consult with an electrical professional, contact The Happy Outlet today. We offer complete electrical services to help ensure your electrical system stays at peak performance. Call us at 775-841-9473 to speak with Carson City’s leading electrical experts.

Earth Day: Energy Saving Tips to Go Green

Earth Day is upon Carson City homeowners, and what better way to spend it than going green with your electrical system! Not only will this cut back on energy consumption and lower your utility bill; you’re helping to preserve the environment.

Celebrate Earth Day by following these energy-saving tips from the experts at The Happy Outlet!

Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Heating up water in your washing machine accounts for 90% of its energy usage. To cut down on this, simply wash your clothes in cold water. Cold water can still wash clothes thoroughly and uses much less energy. Additionally, washing in cold water is better at retaining the fabrics in clothes. For harder-to-remove stains, consider hand-scrubbing them out instead of using heated water.

Hang Dry Clothes

Instead of piling loads of wet clothes in the dryer, hang dry them throughout the day. Not only does this avoid the use of any energy, you’re also avoiding clothes wrinkles and shrinkage. With Carson City reaching mildly warm temperatures, now is the perfect time to hang dry your clothes!

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat eliminates wasting energy in your HVAC system, which is beneficial considering it accounts for almost half of your home’s energy consumption. With this tool, you’ll be able to schedule temperatures and ensure you receive the desired comfort right when you need it.

For more info on using a programmable thermostat to save energy, click here.

Minimize Lighting

As soon as you leave a room, turn off all its lights. Not only will this save energy, you’ll be maintaining the bulb’s lifespan. Additionally, be sure that each time you leave your home all lighting is turned off.

Switch to LEDs

Traditional incandescent light bulbs are usually the least energy efficient type of lighting. Instead of letting them drive up the utility bill, switch to LED lighting as much as possible. Although they may not be as bright, LEDs consume a fraction of the energy incandescent does, while also possessing a much longer lifespan.

Limit Showering Time

Always choose a shower over a bath. Limit your showers to about 10 minutes. Doing so cuts back immensely on water usage.

Seal Doors and Windows

When doors and windows allow air to escape, your HVAC system must work harder to maintain your home’s temperature. Be sure all doors and windows are completely closed. Consider purchasing weather stripping to seal the edges.

Side Note: Be sure your fridge and freezer doors are also completely closed. Doing so prevents wasting energy and possibly spoiling food.

Utilize a Ceiling Fan

Instead of relying on your HVAC system to cool you down, utilize a ceiling fan to provide the same effect. Additionally, a ceiling fan can help you save money on heating as well. All you must do is run your ceiling fan in reverse, which draws out and redistributes heat.

Celebrate Earth Day by practicing these energy-saving tips! If you are ready to replace your lighting or install a new ceiling fan for energy efficiency, be sure you choose the experts at The Happy Outlet. We offer extensive electrical installation services to Carson City homeowners at an affordable cost. Give us a call at 775-841-9473 to schedule an appointment and get started.

Storm Safety: Electrical System Preparations

As Northern Nevada enters the spring, chances of severe storms are higher than ever! We suggest you keep an umbrella on hand when leaving your home. However, your electrical system will need stronger storm protection. Severe storms are a known electrical hazard, often causing power outages and even electrical fires.

The Happy Outlet recommends that every Carson City homeowner follows storm safety for their electrical system. We have assembled a guide below detailing these preparations.

Monitor Your Circuit Breakers

  • Check the labeling on the electrical panel to determine which rooms go to which switch. If there is no labeling, contact The Happy Outlet to have a technician study your electrical system.
  • Keep track of the associated appliances connected to the circuit breaker.
  • Monitor your circuit breakers for any tripping during a storm. When lightning strikes a power line, your circuit breaker may shut off power to its circuit, known as tripping. Tripped circuit breakers place themselves in either the middle or off position.
  • Unplug any appliances from a circuit that has tripped. Doing so will avoid the possible power surge when the power comes back on.

Maintain Smoke and CO Detectors

Your smoke and CO detectors alert you to hazardous smoke and levels and help to give ability to escape in the case of a fire. According to the NFPA, lightning accounts for about 22,600 fires a year. That means you should have constant detection of dangerous smoke and CO levels at all times during the spring season.

  • Know every location of smoke and CO detectors, as well as their battery levels. Smoke and CO detectors generally require a battery change every 1-2 years, but this can vary on battery type.
  • Test your smoke and CO detectors once a month to ensure proper functionality. To test smoke detectors, hold down the button for a few seconds and if the alarm is loud and clear, your detector is working fine. CO detectors are tested the same but emit beeps instead.
  • If lightning has affected your smoke or CO detectors, often the alarm will sound for a few seconds before returning to normal. After the storm has ended, test the affected detectors to see their condition.

Whole Home Surge Protection

Lightning strikes are a known cause for power surges, which are massive spikes in your electrical current. Power surges can damage appliances possibly beyond repair but can be prevented with surge protectors.

Whole home surge protection is the most adequate form of surge protection, avoiding damaging your plugged-in appliances.

Contact The Happy Outlet for whole home surge protection services.

Have a Backup Generator

With storms being a leading cause for power outages, you’ll need sufficient backup power during potential blackouts.

Backup generators provide the necessary power that is needed during an unexpected outage, allowing you ample time to resume any necessary tasks or prepare. Backup generators come in a wide variety of sizes and wattages. You’ll need to determine what option is best for your home.

More information about backup generators can be found here.

Storm safety for electrical systems is a rule all Carson City homeowners should follow as we enter storm season. If you are ready to install whole home surge protection, contact The Happy Outlet today! Our electrical safety services encompass every aspect of whole home surge protection. Give us a call at 775-841-9473 to schedule an appointment and get started.

Spring Cleaning: Tidying Up Your Electrical System

Not sure how to begin spring cleaning? Start by tidying up your electrical system! Cleaning and organizing your electrical system can offer a boost in both safety and energy efficiency. The experts at The Happy Outlet want to make sure that you kick off the spring season right with a comprehensive guide for “tidying up” your electrical system. Add this to your spring cleaning list!

Practice Proper Organization

  • Always unplug appliances and equipment after use, as energy can still be drawn from plugged-in appliances (known as “phantom energy”)
  • Wrap up your extension cords before storing and use Velcro to secure them.
  • Store appliances in an airtight container away from any water source.
  • Never leave appliances in the bathroom or next to plumbing, as dripping water can get into the circuitry.
  • Consider labeling shelves with the appropriate appliance name to maximize organization.

Clean Out Your Smoke Detectors

  • Cleaning out your smoke detectors helps avoid false alarms from dust-buildup interfering with the sensors.
  • Dry your hands completely before cleaning your smoke detectors.
  • If the outer casing can be removed, clean the inside using a simple wet wipe.
  • The brush of a vacuum cleaner can be used to remove dust or debris from your smoke detector.
  • Be careful not to touch the wires or battery when cleaning your smoke detector.

Cover Your Electrical Outlets

  • Shielding your outlets provides formidable defense against dirt and dust compromising the plugs, as well as children inserting objects into the sockets.
  • You can use individual plastic electrical plug caps, or plastic covers to shield the entire outlet.
  • Consider replacing outlets with tamper-resistant receptacles, as these come with a built-in plastic covering to avoid unwanted insertion. Contact The Happy Outlet to install these new outlets in your home!

Dust Off Your Ceiling Fans

  • When your ceiling fan rotates with dust build-up, the room’s IAQ is negatively affected by the circulated particles.
  • Make sure your ceiling fan is completely off before cleaning and wait for the blades to stop spinning.
  • Use a feather duster to brush off and remove any dust from the top of the blades, as well as around the fixture.
  • If you would like to avoid using a duster due to dust falling on furniture, try a dry sweeping cloth such as a Swiffer.

Troubleshoot Issues with an Electrical Professional

  • After tidying up your electrical system during spring cleaning, schedule your next electrical inspection to ensure the actual function of your system is at peak performance.
  • Contact The Happy Outlet for your next electrical inspection to ensure only trusted professionals are handling your electrical system.

Kickstart your spring cleaning right by tidying up your electrical system! If you would like to install new tamper-resistant outlets, or are ready to schedule your next electrical inspection, contact The Happy Outlet today! Our electrical installation and safety inspection services can help your electrical system in your Carson City home. Give us a call at 775-841-9473 to schedule an appointment with your trusted electrical professionals.

Buying and Installing your new Hot Tub

With Carson City weather changing from winter winds to spring breezes, the idea of buying and installing a new hot tub seems like a great way to introduce some spa-like comfort to your home. But be aware that buying and installing a hot tub isn’t as simple as turning on the jets and stepping in the spa. In fact, without taking the right steps, you could be wasting money on an expensive hot tub that doesn’t even fit in your home.

While you can spend hours traversing the internet to find information for buying and installing a new hot tub, why not let the professionals do the work for you? The experts at The Happy Outlet have provided the ultimate guide to buying and installing a new hot tub in your home.

Why do you want a Hot Tub?

Before proceeding, the first question you must ask yourself is “Why do I want a hot tub?” Hot tubs are available in a variety of designs and can be used for several reasons. Hot tubs are ideal for relaxation, meditation, medical and therapeutic purposes, with designs catering to all of these issues. First determine why you want a hot tub, and you’ll be on the right track.

Research the Hot Tub You Want

After identifying the reason(s) for a hot tub, you’ll be able to research accordingly and find the right one for your home. Most warehouse stores and home improvement retailers sell hot tubs at a reasonable price. Additionally, you can find local retailers that focus specifically on selling hot tubs. If a hot tub catches your eye, thoroughly examine its reviews, lifespan, additions, and warranties available. Be sure to check around frequently for any deals, and to ensure you’ll be paying a fair price for your spa.

Accommodate your Hot Tub’s Size and Location

Another important question you will need to ask yourself is “Will this Hot Tub fit in my home?” Often, hot tubs are placed on patios, porches, and backyards, and you must ensure your space can accommodate the hot tub’s size. After accounting for size, you must also consider how the hot tub handles weather conditions year-round, as well as determining if the installation area is flat and solid. Power and water sources must also be in proximity of your hot tub, and there should be adequate space for drainage. Consider these factors when researching your new hot tub. We recommend finding your hot tub at a nearby store, so you can precisely determine a sufficient location in your home.

Budget Accordingly

Hot tubs are an expensive investment, with prices ranging from $1,000-10,000. Hot tubs also require additional fees for delivery, installation, maintenance, and extras such as covers and water care products. Even after you’ve purchased your hot tub, we recommend saving an extra $500-1,000 to cover any additional fees you may be presented after installing it.

Installing your new Hot Tub

Installation is made easy with the experts at The Happy Outlet! After you have purchased the perfect hot tub for your home, give your Carson City electrical experts a call to install and configure your new hot tub and kickstart the spa for the spring season!

Ready to install a new hot tub in your home? The Happy Outlet is ready for you! Our electrical installation services guarantee you’ll have a backyard spa in no time. Give us a call at 775-841-9473 to schedule an appointment and prepare your backyard for spring!