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    The Happy Outlet team possesses over 125 years of combined residential electrical experience. All our serviceman are uniformed, background checked, and drug-tested for your peace of mind. Their commitment to our purpose – to Inspire Happiness – is evident from their consistent positive reviews, and of course, in the smiling faces of our clients.

    Michael McQuain

    Field Installer

    Started: N/A

    Why I Chose The Happy Outlet: I chose to work at The Happy Outlet because the standard of quality and integrity is higher than other places I’ve worked.

    My Favorite Part: I enjoy working with my hands, and using my experience and knowledge to solve your challenges.

    My Hobbies: I enjoy fishing and shooting, am a HUGE baseball fan, and was a saucier chef for 20 years before switching careers.

    My Dream: I someday hope to tour Italy.

    John Bush

    Field Installer

    Started: N/A

    Why I Chose The Happy Outlet: N/A

    My Favorite Part: N/A

    My Hobbies: N/A

    My Dream: N/A

    Bennett Barnes


    Started: N/A

    Why I Chose The Happy Outlet: The Happy Outlet is a solid company that appreciates things being done the right way.

    My Favorite Part: Managing the finances of a small business is my calling. I have that here. I also enjoy working with my coworkers; they make it fun to come to work.

    My Hobbies: I enjoy the outdoors, I’m an avid birdwatcher. I’m into kayaking, hiking and camping. I like working on our old house with my husband.

    My Dream: I’m looking forward to finishing my Masters in Accounting at the University of Nevada Reno, and then passing the Nevada CPA exam.

    Kenneth Kruse

    Field Installer

    Started: N/A

    Why I Chose The Happy Outlet: I love the sense of accomplishment I feel after helping a client and making things work again.

    My Favorite Part: The opportunity to succeed.

    My Hobbies: I enjoy gardening, going to the gun range, and teaching my children life skills.

    My Dream: N/A

    Jessica Coratibo

    Client HAPPYness Representative

    Started: October 2018

    Why I Chose The Happy Outlet: Because the focus on customer service is amazing!

    My Favorite Part: My favorite part is the people. The team here is full of wonderful, funny, knowledgeable people.

    My Hobbies: Learning and collecting new hobbies is a hobby of mine! I done fiber arts (spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting, processing), jewelry, tie-dyeing, sewing, paper crafts, and way more that I won’t bore you by listing. I enjoy my family, travel, eating yummy food, and learning.

    My Dream: To travel more, and I would love to learn pottery and wood turning.

    Ryan Olson

    Electrical Safety Advisor

    Started: August 2018

    Why I Chose The Happy Outlet: The commitment to doing what’s right and providing exceptional customer service.

    My Favorite Part: I look forward to solving challenges.

    My Hobbies: I love the outdoors, spending time with my son. I love animals, fishing, and Wolf Pack football.

    David Grinnell

    Field Serviceman

    Started: July 2017

    Why I Chose The Happy Outlet: I had no idea what I was getting into when I was offered my position at The Happy Outlet, and I‘ve felt blessed ever since.

    My Favorite Part: Like everyone here I love the culture we’ve created together. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we’re all committed to be the best we can be in our careers, to our families, and to the community.

    My Hobbies: I am a veteran of the United States Army and have been in the electrical trade for 18 years. I enjoy making people laugh and sharing my faith. I have been blessed with 2 boys. We ride motorcycles. And, of course, all three of us have good looks and charm!

    Rebecca Tenorio

    Dispatch/Client HAPPYness Representative

    Started: October 2016

    Why I Chose The Happy Outlet: After my very first interview I knew I wanted to work here. The culture seemed amazing.

    My Favorite Part: The environment and the people are the reason I get up every morning. At The Happy Outlet we’re not just employees working for the same team, we are truly a family!

    My Hobbies: Hiking, spending time with my family and my dog, and traveling.

    Jesse Olson

    General Manager

    Started: July 2000
    Why I Chose The Happy Outlet: From a young age I was planning, organizing and coming up with ideas. I’ve always had the desire to want to build something greater than myself, and to make a difference doing it!

    My Favorite Part: I truly am fortunate to have such a great team and culture. If it wasn’t for every special person here I would never have the opportunity to continue to dream, plan, and create a place where inspiring happiness is a our purpose.

    My Hobbies: Guitar, piano, writing songs, reading, writing, dreamer, planner, organizer, and co-raiser, alongside my beautiful wife, of chickens on our little 5-acre farm outside of Dayton, Nevada.

    Jennifer Howard

    Operations Manager

    Started: June 2006

    Why I Chose The Happy Outlet: I came onboard very early on, at a time when there were only 3 people working. There were many obstacles to overcome and systems to put in place. I was given the opportunity and considered it a challenge that I was ready to take.

    My Favorite Part: I love interacting with our clients and helping them any time I get the chance. I also love our team. Every day is different which makes my job invigorating and keeps me motivated.

    My Hobbies: Paddle boarding a beautiful Lake Tahoe, running my teenager back and forth to dance, and spending time with family and friends.