Northern Nevada’s Circuits and Wiring Experts are Here!

In order to have a functioning electrical system for your Northern Nevada home, you must have adequate circuits and wiring. Circuits and wiring are how electricity travels from your electrical panel to your outlets and fixtures. In order for circuits and wiring to carry electricity efficiently and safely, they must be in adequate condition as well as have enough capacity for currents. Therefore, it’s important to maintain your circuits and wiring.

Here For All Your Circuits & Wiring Needs

The Happy Outlet is proud to service your home with our circuit and rewiring services. Whether you need new outlets to be installed, or require whole-home rewiring, we have the high-tech tools and exceptional capabilities to get the job done timely and cost effectively.

Circuits & Wiring

Why Choose The Happy Outlet

Our technicians offer exceptional circuit and wiring services. Each one is fully licensed, bonded, insured, background-checked, and drug-tested to properly handle given tasks. We also offer a “red carpet treatment,” which mean we leave your home as clean as we found it! When you choose The Happy Outlet, here are more benefits you can expect:

  • Friendly, Honest, and Trained Technicians
  • Courtesy Call Before and After Service
  • Live Call Center (No Machines, Real People)
  • 2-Year Warranty (Double the Market Standard)
  • 100% Worry-Free (Money Back) Guarantee
  • Options for Financing

Maintain your circuits and wiring by choosing Northern Nevada’s leading electrical experts at The Happy Outlet!

How to Tell When You Need New Circuits and Wiring

It can be difficult to tell at first when your home needs new circuits and wiring. Fortunately, there are certain signs that can alert a homeowner; the more common we have listed below:

  • Outlets Produce Sparks, Become Discolored, Smell Burnt, or are Warm to the Touch.
  • Lights Constantly Flickering
  • Circuit Breakers Tripping Frequently
  • A New, More Power-Heavy Appliance Will be Installed
  • Outlets are Only Two-Prong
  • Over-Reliance on Extension Cords/Surge Protectors
  • Wiring is Over 25-40 Years Old
  • You’re Planning on Remodeling Your Home

If any of these situations apply to you, contact The Happy Outlet for further consultation.

Life is Better When it’s Happy. Contact The Happy Outlet at 833-2B-HAPPY for Quality Residential Electrical Services.

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